Be part of a passionate team working on ground‑breaking technology in an inspiring and collaborative environment

Open positions

Why work with us

Fluent is backed by powerHouse Ventures and Callaghan Innovation. We’re also supported by the University of Canterbury and collaborate with the NZ Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour.

Solve meaningful problems that affect people around the world

Our tools don’t solve “first world” problems. We’re focussed on solving language problems for real people across the world. The types of problems that create a barrier to how far they can progress their careers and lives. We’re looking to make accessible that which would otherwise be reserved for those that can afford.

Work with a small dedicated team of subject experts

We’re a small group, dedicated to our goal. We’re not focussed on growing in size, but growing in quality with the right skills and an attitude of getting your hands dirty across all the tasks that need to be done. We love to meet like minded people that will make the team a better unit as a whole.

Work on our own core technology for the real world

Our focus is on real world language not textbook or classroom language. This focus is what sets us apart and also requires us to develop our own innovative technology. Creating new learning technology is a difficult goal, but ultimately it will have a resounding and positive impact.

Be in an environment that prioritises getting things done

Our goal revolves around shipping products for people to use, not counting the hours you’re at your desk or away on holiday. We put our faith in one another that we’ll do what's required to get the work done and measure ourselves by the impact it makes.