Our mission is simple:
Improve lives through language

There are around 2 billion English language learners around the world right now and over $30 billion is spent every year on English language education and certification.

For most of these English language learners, learning to speak and be understood in English is the single largest barrier to improving their lives. Once these learners have attained fluency in English, they can dramatically improve their fortunes and positively impact the lives of not only their own families but those in their surrounding communities as well.

In the recent past, limited technology meant that all of these potential dreams could only be achieved through relatively high cash investment in courses, classes, rigid programmes, high stakes tests, and expensive assessment schemes. Courses, classes, and practice whether online or offline are core to successful language learning. However, the current measurement and assessment of a learner’s proficiency is often inaccurate, not helpful to a student’s progression, and inadequate to “real world” expectation.

Fluent’s focus has always been on real world language. We are interested in measuring how well people can understand you and how well you can understand other people. We want to show you how to improve your English language and to do so with with instant access, ease of use, and without breaking the bank. This way we can help you remove that language barrier and you can be on the way to achieving your dreams.

Our Team

Fluent began when Thor Russell and Jessica Lin combined their language analysis expertise with Alan Cox’s product development expertise. Since then, we’ve been slowly building out our team to create and promote our core technology.

Alan Cox

CEO Alan Cox

Dr Jessica Lin

Chief Scientist Dr Jessica Lin

Glenn Hansen

GM - Finance & Operations Glenn Hansen

Andy McLeod

Director - Sales Andy McLeod

Graham Dockrill

VP - Strategic Relations Graham Dockrill

Dr Caralyn Purvis

Linguistics Dr Caralyn Purvis

Mike Coker

Product Manager Mike Coker

Jeremy Lawson

Lead Software Engineer Jeremy Lawson

Glen Farrelly

Developer Glen Farrelly

Our Board

Alan Cox (CEO) and Thor Russell (CTO) are supported by industry veterans with a long history in technology and new businesses.

John Beattie

Chairman John Beattie

Gary Jensen

Board Member Gary Jensen

Our Backers

Fluent Scientific is backed by powerHouse Ventures; one of NZ’s foremost seed investment companies. powerHouse specialises in commercialisation of research and intellectual property founded at NZ universities and Crown Institutes. They have been very supportive of Fluent ever since we first crossed paths.


We’re also backed by the government entity, Callaghan Innovation. Callaghan was formed to combine the former Crown Research Institute (IRL) and the government’s R&D grants schemes. Callaghan has also been extremely supportive of the development of our core technology.

We’re also collaborating with the NZ Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour which is NZ’s premier academic centre for the study of human language. Through NZILBB, Fluent Scientific has access to research into the connections between linguistics, speech production and perception, language acquisition, language disorders, social cognition, memory, brain imaging, cognitive science, and bilingual education. Equally, ILBB, has access to the crossover work Fluent is doing including our experimentation with big data, machine learning, assessment rubrics, and interfaces as far as it relates to language learning.

powerHouse Ventures Callaghan Innovation NZ Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour